Your direct line of communication to every user, right inside your app

Intercom’s in-app messages are up to 10 times more effective than email.
Send the right messages, to the right users, at exactly the right time.

Helping thousands of web and mobile businesses see and talk to their customers

General Assembly


Onboard new users and keep them active

Personally welcome every new user

Start relationships and create lasting first impressions by letting users know you’re there to help.

Help users be successful

Show users how to get the most value from your product, while they’re in your product.

Make announcements that grab attention

Guarantee exposure of your most important messages. Announce new features and share significant news.

Re-engage inactive users

Automatically trigger emails to users when they start slipping away to bring them back.


Understand what users really need

Get immediate feedback at scale

Make it easy for users to tell you what they think about new releases, features—anything.

Ask the right users for detailed feedback

Start real conversations to get a deeper understanding of what your users want.


Assist users right inside your app

Let users ask for help when and where they need it

Make it easy for users to reach you, without having to leave your product.

Reach users on web, mobile, or both

Connect with your users through in-app messages that look and feel native to your web or mobile app.


Your complete in-app messaging solution.

Big announcements

Grab users’ full attention for important messages

Small announcements

Communicate smaller changes and updates


Start real conversations and get rich user feedback

Lightweight replies

Get immediate feedback on anything, at scale

Live segmentation

Target specific audiences using live user data

A/B testing

Increase conversion by testing different messages

Real-time metrics

Track opens, clicks, and goal conversions

In-App Messenger

Assist users from right inside your product

Team inbox

Manage every conversation in a shared inbox

Intercom’s new In-App Messenger is our favorite tool for nurturing and activating users that sign-up for ZenDoc. It beats email every time.

Image of Robert Fenton

Robert Fenton, Founder and CEO, ZenDoc

We use in-app messages to explain a new feature because it catches the user’s attention at exactly the right moment—when they’re about to try it.

Image of Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong, Marketing Manager, OneSky

As soon as we began using Intercom’s In-App Messenger for support, we were hooked. Having every user’s data at our fingertips helps us anticipate opportunities to make our customers happier.

Image of Hasan Yalcinkaya

Hasan Yalcinkaya, founder of

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