Simple, personal messaging for
businesses and their customers

Intercom is an integrated platform for the whole company to use
for support, marketing, product, and sales communication.

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How Intercom Helps

Four things Intercom is great for

  • Customer Development

    Understand how your product is being used. Reach out to the right users for feedback.

    Intercom makes it easy to identify certain segments of users, like “active but with no teammates”, and to talk to them to understand why they do what they do.

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  • D. Keith Robinson

    For me the benefit of Intercom is having a direct channel to talk to our users. As a product designer,
    building relationships with users and getting input from them is key to being successful in my
    day to day work, and Intercom is a great tool for that.

    D. Keith Robinson, Heroku

  • Customer Lifecycle Marketing

    Increase conversions by automatically reaching out to users after they sign up

    The first few days after a user signs up are make or break. Intercom lets you create a simple communication schedule to ensure that every new sign-up gets individual attention.

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  • Jon Crawford

    Storenvy uses Intercom to automatically mail tips and tricks to new sign-ups
    which has resulted in improving new store owner conversions by 25%.

    Jon Crawford, Storenvy

  • Customer Support

    Treat customers like humans. Reach out and offer help, let them contact you easily.

    No more robotic auto responders or ticket numbers. Intercom makes it easy for customers to reach a real person, and for you to personally respond quickly.

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  • Paul Biggar

    Providing fantastic customer service is core to our strategy. We increased conversion
    rates of trial customers by over 40% by using Intercom to pro-actively
    contact users experiencing issues at the right time.

    Paul Biggar, CircleCI

  • Customer Announcements

    Contact all your customers, or just a segment, with ease.

    Nobody sets out to spam their users. But email marketing tools don’t give you much of an option. Intercom makes it easy to segment users, send them personal, relevant messages, and encourage them to reply.

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  • Maria Alegre

    Communicating with our developer partners is an essential part of what we do every
    day. Intercom enables us to segment our partners based on how they use our
    tool, which helps get the right information to the right people.

    Maria Alegre, Chartboost