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Engage + Learn + Support From $147 $57/mo

Everything for Marketing, Product, and Support to connect with customers.

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Acquire Flat $49/mo

Talk to visitors on your website to help them become customers.

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Engage From $49/mo

Guide new signups to become active customers.

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For product teams

Learn From $49/mo

Get quality product feedback from the right customers.

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Support From $49/mo

Streamline support for your team and your customers.

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Observe Free forever

See who your customers are and what they do in your product.

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Acquire For sales & support teams Engage For marketing teams Learn For product teams Support For support teams
Who you can talk to Website visitors Users of your app (web or mobile)
Outbound messaging

Website messages


In-app announcements


Mobile push notifications

In-app chats


Mobile push notifications

Inbound messaging Website Messenger

In-app Messenger

Email forwarding

Conversation management Team inbox Team inbox Team inbox
Key Pro features

Message A/B testing

Custom sender address

Message A/B testing

Custom email templates

Custom sender address

Lightweight replies Inbox Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Intercom for free?

You can try any package, or collection of packages, free for 14 days. You can buy, upgrade, or cancel at any time. The Observe package is free forever.

Can I only buy one or all packages?

You can start with one package or multiple packages. You can add or remove packages at any time. The free Observe package is included with all paid packages.

What’s the difference between Basic and Pro?

Each package has a ‘Basic’ plan and a ‘Pro’ plan. The ‘Pro’ plan includes additional features. You can upgrade or downgrade between the ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ plans of a package at any time.

How do you define a ‘User’?

A ‘User’ is an end-user of your web or mobile app that you track inside Intercom. This is typically a registered user of your product that logs in. You can delete Users.

How is pricing calculated when my ‘User’ count changes?

Pricing for the Learn, Engage, and Support packages is based the total number of ‘Users’ you track in Intercom. Your price can increase or decrease based on the total number of tracked ‘Users’ increasing or decreasing. Any changes to charges during a billing period are pro-rated.

Is my customer data safe with Intercom?

Keeping our customers' data secure is the most important thing Intercom does. We go to considerable lengths to ensure that all data sent to Intercom is handled securely. See here for more information including our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.